We Love Wild and Free Babywear! Have you checked them out yet?If you haven’t, you need to hurry up and go on www.wildandfreebabywear.com and get acquainted with their work.


Not only do they have beautiful clothes for children, Wild and Free Babywear is a socially conscious brand that helps in the sustainable development of Haiti.


In Haiti, social-strata is well-defined and can create a social hierarchy that is glaring in prejudice and mistreatment of those belonging to the lower echelons. wildandfree represents an exchange where all are valued as contributors no matter the role. Hopefully this is a place where new belief in oneself is generated. “


Our baby is not a baby anymore, but if she was, she would be rocking Wild and Free Babywear on the regular!

Picture Source: Wild and Free Babywear official website