Stella Jean’s AW15-16 looks inspired by the Indian Himalayas. In an effort to highlight the beauty, skill and craftmanship of cultural and artisanal productions by populations from around the globe, the collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Initiative of the International Trade Centre (agency of the UN and the WTO) moves forward.

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Indeed, it has enabled the introduction of handloom fabrics made by women artisans in Burkina Faso and Mali and jewelry realised by Haitians artisans.An exemplary aesthetic, ethical and social encounter in which India, England, Italy, Burkina Faso and Haiti dialogue at a fast pace.The show included accessories with metal embellishments, papier-mâché and quilting made by Haitian artisans.We are waiting for the close up pictures of the accessories to be published, but until then we have picked some of our favorite looks from Stella Jean’s latest collection, enjoy!

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Source: Ethical Fashion Initiative Official Facebook Page

Photo Credit: SPG