Sacha 2

Last year while visiting the EL SAIEH Gallery we fell in love with a painting by artist Sacha Tebò. We asked the owner, Manno Saieh , for a quote, however, he politely informed us that the painting wasn’t for sale. Needless that knowing it wasn’t for sale raised our curiosity about the artist!


Of course we did a post about the painting! Imagine how surprised we  when we received a thank you message from the Sacha Tebó foundation for sharing his work!? Yes, SURPRISED, proud and privileged!


We wanted to take this chance to share our excitement with you, and get you acquainted or reacquainted with the work of Sacha Tebò. Even more fascinating then his work was his life. He was born in Haïti, studied in Paris and Brazil, and had exhibits all over the caribbean, in Europe and the United States.  Tebò pased away in 2004 at the age of 70.1910425_50154111790_9086_n

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Sacha Tebo’s Legacy continues to live on through the Sacha Tebò Foundation which is a social, cultural and artistic organization dedicated to promoting the legacy of renowned Haitian artist and inventor Sacha Thébaud (Tebo).


A special thank you to  Jenry Farfán Castillo for providing us with the Catalog of the Sacha Tebò Foundation.

Photos Source: Sacha Tebò Foundation