Last month we watched the documentary about EDM in Haiti. The documentary featured some of Haiti’s top DJs. One of these DJs was Michael Brun.  It has been an overall consensus that Micheal Brun is not only a Great DJ, but also a wonderful person.  What has impressed us  was Michael Brun has been his humility, and his sincere love for Haiti. With that being said,we hope you enjoy this Q&A. A special thank you to Michael Brun for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions!


Michael Raveney Photography Source: Michael Brun Official Facebook Page

Where do you think is the ONE place anyone who goes to Haiti should visit? The beaches. We really do have some of the most beautiful water in the world.

What are your three favorite places to visit when you go to Haiti?The Beach, Belot and my grandparents place.

Photo Courtesy of Steven Baboun

You remixed WHAT IS LOVE?!!! Can you tell us a bit about that?Ha that was a pretty long time ago actually! Maybe like 3-4 years.I feel like my style has changed quite a bit since that remix, but I learned a lot about music production by doing that remix. HL Side Note( That use to be our Favorite song in the day! Yes, we are showing our age)

What is your favorite Haitian Song of all time?Skandal – Nouvelle Generation (HL SideNote: Available on iTunes)

We are seeing an evolution in Haitian music from EDM, to reggae, to RAP and even rock! What do you think about Haitians exploring these different genres of music?I think it’s exciting to hear how Haitian artists are interpreting all of these non-traditional styles of music and in many cases bringing something new and unique to the genre.

Photo Courtesy of Steven Baboun

 On a different note you were Seventeen Magazine’s Crush of the week? The ladies want to know Single or taken?Single 😉
 (HL Side note : Ladies, he single, I’m just sayin’)

You had a performance in Haiti last December can you tell us how that felt for you?That was an amazing time for me because it was my first headline show in my hometown. The feedback was so good and it was one of my favorite shows to date.

 From Haiti to Coachella to Miami’s hottest hotspots, what is next for Michael Brun?Next big festival will be Veld in Toronto this August. I’ll also be touring with Steve Aoki for a few dates, as well as playing Life In Color, Liv Miami and more.

 And Last but not Least who are you cheering for Brazil or Argentina?Actually neither 🙂