Photo Source: Jozy Altidore Official Website

We recently did a short Q&A with Jozy Altidore, Haitian-American soccer player, about his philanthropy, family, and Haitian culture. Born in New Jersey and raised in south Florida to Haitian born parents. Altidore has played soccer his whole life, starting his career in 2006 with the New York Red Bulls eventually joining Team USA at the Olympics and the World Cup.It was heartbreaking to see him get injured during the 2014 World Cup.

He has gained popularity for his incredible skill and personality. Altidore currently plays for Sunderland rumors of his potential transfer to a new team abound. Using his fame he has promoted several philanthropic causes working with charities such as Generosity Water. Altidore has even started his own Non-profit organization with the goal of helping underprivileged children across America achieve success, The Jozy Altidore Foundation. It was pretty interesting to learn about the musical taste and dancing skills of the charismatic, not to mention fantastically handsome, soccer star (We forgot to ask him if he was single). He is indeed a striking striker (we couldnt help it). Hope you enjoy hearing from him as much as we did.


Photo Credit: Jozy Altidore Instagram page. Jozy with his sisters after his unjury at the 2014 World Cup.

Q: The Jozy Altidore Foundation has worked on a project with Generosity Water on bringing clean water to Haitians. What part of Haiti is it located in?
A: We funded and built our first well in Berlanger Pont la Rivier, Arachaie, Haiti. I can’t tell you how amazing it was to finally have the well functioning and delivering clean water to more than 400 people in need of something we all take for granted in having. Haiti will always be an important part of my life and to give back to the country my parents were born in was fantastic. We are definitely looking forward to doing more projects down the road in Haiti, which will hopefully include more wells.

Q: You have taken several trips to Haiti. What is your favorite place to visit when you go to Haiti?
A: I like going to the capital and visiting places familiar to my parents in regard to where they grew up and where we have family. My mother grew up in the northern part of the country in Cap-Haïtien, so seeing that area is always special.

Q: Do you know how to dance Haitian Konpa?
A: Yes, I can dance Konpa. I learned the dance from my parents. It is part of our Haitian culture and was normal to learn a great traditional dance .

Q: Do you listen to Haitian music? What’s your favorite Haitian Song?
A: I don’t really have a favorite song, but I do listen to Haitian music when I am back home around family and friends in south Florida.

Q: What song do you have on repeat these days?
A: Nothing really. I listen to a lot of different things.

Q: How often do you get to eat Haitian food? What is your favorite Haitian dish?
A: I eat Haitian food quite often. I try to incorporate it in my diet when I can. To be honest, I don’t have a favorite dish. I love everything Haitian when it comes to the food and cuisine.


Photo Source: Jozy Altidore Official Website

Q: What are you thoughts about the Haitian soccer team and the future of Haitian soccer?
A: I think Haiti is on the rise in when it comes to both the men’s and women’s teams. Both are getting better as you can see from their recent performances and will continue to improve as time goes on. Haitians are passionate about football and their support will just drive the players in their pursuit for greatness on and off the field of play.

Q: Tell us a fun fact about Jozy Altidore.
A: Hmmm. Good question. An interesting fact about me is that if I wasn’t a football player, I would probably be an engineer. Something else people might not know is that I speak four different languages (English, Dutch, Spanish and Creole). So, those are a couple of things not all people know about me.


Photo Credit: Jozy Altidore Official Website

We want to once again Thank Mr. Altidore for taking the time to answer our questions. Jozy, you make us proud, and a special Thank you to our Editor Mary for all her assistance with this Q&A.