Chef Ron Duprat came into our household as the first ever Haitian on the popular show “Top Chef”. We were privileged to meet Chef Ron at an event in DC. If you have had any interactions with Chef Ron, you know that he is one of the warmest people you will ever meet.  Chef Ron was kind enough to do a Q&A witth us…and you will never believe which Haitian Restaurant is his favorite.

Ron-DupratWhat is one dish you think all Haitians should know how to cook for the holidays?

Haitian Pumpkin Soup, Legumes, Poisson Gro-Sel , Laleau, Rice and Beans.


Source: Black Enterprise

What is the most important thing you learned while you were on top chef?

I Found my Caribbean Roots. As always I was so lucky to work in such prestigious Places as the United States and Hawaii. I embraced Caribbean Cuisine on Top Chef with no limits. It was an amazing experience, and so well worth it, but it was also very intense and stressful. You always have the feeling of, I Should do better, it’s almost the same as a Monday morning quarterback but I really feel like I represented myself and my Caribbean Roots Very well. The dish I ended up going home for was a Simple, Deconstructed Paella and I think the judges, Michelle Bernstein, had never really had much experience with eating Caribbean & Creole food with Bold Flavors maybe that’s where I went wrong. Granted as a real chef I always cook from the Heart. Part of being a chef is being able to adapt to new challenges and twists even in your own kitchen. Things can change drastically whether it comes from a request from a guest outside of your menu, or an ingredient that isn’t up to par. Having to dig deep in your repertoire to change your menu on the fly is something we do on a daily basis. Some people thing the challenges were a little unrealistic, cooking in a desert in a pit for example, but I grill in my backyard and as a chef you should be able to adapt to any situation. The challenges made sure we really dug down deep and put forth our best dish in any situation.

 What is your favorite dish to cook?

I Love a simple Roasted Chicken with some fresh Herbs.

When you go to Haiti, do you have a favorite must go to restaurant?

Papaye Restaurant

What do you always bring back on your trips from Haiti?

I always bring a Case of Rhum Barbancourt, some Kremas, and always Douce Macosse.


Source: DC Modern Luxury With Lyssa Hargrove

What’s next for Chef Ron?

I want to make sure we’re able to maintain and continue to elevate the quality of Caribbean Cuisine and set examples for the next generation Caribbean Chefs and bring lots of Tourists to the Caribbean to Taste the beauty and essence of island Flavors.