Sam Sneak grew up in North Miami, Florida. His passion for music and dancing arose when he was “a kid.” Sam Sneak attributes his work ethic and his passion from his parents who migrated to Miami from Haiti; he “wanted to make them proud,” AND HE DIIIID! Today, you can find Sam Sneak spinning records at the hottest parties and on a heavy rotation. Wale’s single MY PYT featuring Sam Sneak has been climbing on the charts and has become one of our favorite Summer Jams… She my My M.Y.P.Y.T; my M.Y.P.Y.T. We hope that in the remix they talk about 30 somethings, because we feeling some type a way right about now.

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When he is not dropping hits, Sam makes time to speak to the youth about the challenges he went through and gives them a message of hope. In addition to speaking with them Sam also shows them tons of  love “I understand that many kids don’t have the benefit of getting school shoes every year, so I donate shoes before school starts every year.” Now, How awesome is that? He does that IN REAL LIFE! NO Press, just showing love to the youth! That is so humble!! It is because of his awesomeness, and his positive energy that he is getting featured on HaitiLuxe. People can fake a lot of things, but positive energy is not one of them!

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Q: Where does the name Sam Sneak come from?

A: My Name is Samuel, and I love Sneakers, so my boy decided to name me Sam Sneak.

Q: You exude positive and genuine energy; it’s alluring. Give us a taste of what goes on in a day of the life of Sam that creates all that good energy.

A: I surround myself with good people, good vibes, and energy. Also, music plays a major role in my mood.

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Q: As your career path is broadening, are there any upcoming projects you’d like to share with us? Any teasers &/or moves we should be looking out for?

A: I’m currently working on my mixtape. Coming soon! Also, taking my role as A&R with MMG to another level.

Q: Tell us about that custom Haitian Crest piece you recently shared on social media.

A: I collaborated with my jeweler to design a piece that would commemorate my people. When I designed the piece, I didn’t want it to be too flashy. I wanted it simple, yet tasteful for the culture. The 1804 represents our independence and freedom.

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Q: Do you visit or frequent Haiti? If so, what are your favorite parts?

A: I visit very frequently. I love all parts of Haiti, more specifically labadee. The ocean is beautiful.

Q: Do you listen to Haitian music (Konpa, rara, rapkreyol etc…)? If you do, what’s your favorite track?

A: I listen to D’Jakout. Shabba is my woe. Shoutout to Shabba. I listen to tvice as well. Carimi be having vibes I groove to when I’m riding around on a sunny afternoon “

Q:Have you ever or do you ever plan on DJing a party in Haiti in the future?

A: I’ve DJ’d in Haiti many times, I was recently there in January hosting a party. I love going and experiencing the culture, especially during carnival.

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“I count my blessings, not my burdens,” is Sam Sneak’s attitude on life. If you’re not familiar with Sam Sneak, we urge you to get to know more about him. Follow him on social media; he will make your day with his genuine smile and positive energy, plus you don’t want to miss his mixtape dropping soon…”

All pictures are from Sam Sneak’s official Instagram Page

You can catch him on twitter @djSamSneak


A special thank you to SaintMaiite for the inspiration and the collabo for this Q&A. You can follow her on IG @saintmaiite