We have been admiring Clara Luce Lafond from afar for quite sometime now and we,at HaitiLuxe, consider her to be one of the  top 3 Haitian Super Models.


Photo Credit: Miss Haiti International

Clara Luce Lafond is a former Miss Haiti International who radiates beauty because she understands that real beauty is based on a happiness that comes from within and that without that inner peace, the exterior beauty cannot shine! Clara Luce’s continuing rise in the world of fashion has not made her lose her humility or her connection to her Haitian roots .Clara Luce Lafond is a thoughtful representative for the magic of Haiti and for that she is being featured in an HaitiLuxe Q&A, Enjoy!


Photo Courtesy of Clara Luce Lafond

Q-You have done shoots for The major Haitian brands, is there a Haitian brand ( In Haiti or abroad) you would like to work with in the future?

A-I would love to work with Haitian designers abroad such as Stella Jean and Azede Jean Pierre. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Stella Jean at the launch of Blush Magazine not too long ago, maybe that’s a good start?

Q-Was that you we saw in the VAKANS video by T-Micky? If it was can you describe your experience on the set of the video?

A-Yes indeed it was I in the Vakans video by T-Micky. It was a very challenging shoot to be honest, our schedule was tight and there was much to do. I worked both as a model and one of the makeup artists on set. Thankfully we got to meet our deadlines and pulled it off.

Q-Do you do any philanthropy work in Haiti?

A-I volunteer when I can especially when I feel compelled to do so . I believe that whatever you do has more impact when mind, body and soul are fully invested and committed, especially in everyday gestures and attitudes. We underestimate the value of small acts of kindness and respect that we can choose to make everyday.


Q-Can you name three Haitian restaurants you would recommend?

A-Haitian restaurants as in with Haitian cuisine or restaurants located in Haiti? For the former I’d say the restaurant at Hotel Olofson, Lakay restaurant in Cap Haitien  and if I remember correctly l’Amitie restaurant in Jacmel…

For the latter I’d say Haiku, Aztec and Magdoos.

Q-What is the one item you think every Haitian Fashionista should have in their closet?

A-At least one pair of Creations Dorees sandals.

A special thank you to Clara Luce for her time and her patience. We sincerely appreciate it!