BrE_xESCEAA60W0Around this time last year, Bermane Stiverne caught our attention when a picture of him wearing aVraieJolie shirt made its way around Social Media. We couldn’t help but to find out more, and lo and behold, he was the first Haitian-born boxer to win a world heavyweight championship! First EVER!


Bermane Stiverne is the youngest of 14 children.A true athlete and role model Bermane is out making Haiti proud. As you read through this Q&A you will get to know Bermane Stiverne a little better and what you will have is not only a skilled boxer who KO’d opponents, but a Haitian Man who loves his country and wants to wave his flag up high!


With his mother

Do you go back to Haiti often?

The last time I’ve been to Haiti was March 2015 but I do need to go more often and I plan on doing that. My parents will be going to Haiti in a couple weeks I plan on making a list of the things that I want them to bring back.


With Floyd Mayweather

What is your favorite Haitian Song?

I’m old-school! My favorite song is from my favorite artist The Late Great Coupe Cloue “Min Rat La.”

Can you, and do you dance Konpa?

All day every day


With Mike Tyson

Do you own any Haitian art? If so, who is your favorite artist?

I don’t at the moment but I’m very interested in getting some.

You are the FIRST Haitian-born boxer to win a world heavyweight championship, the FIRST EVER, what does that mean to you?

It means the world to me. I’m happy to be able to give hope to those kids that don’t have any hope in Haiti and around the world. It also gives me the chance to carry the flag at the highest level of boxing or sports.


With Adonis Stevenson

Are you involved with any charities? If yes, which ones?

I am on the verge to have my own charity and it is mainly for kids in the streets of Haiti. I look forward to it and Iam very excited about this project.


With Thomas Jones

Do you cook Haitian Food? If you do, what is your favorite dish to cook?

I do cook Haitian food like diri djon djon but my favorite is Taso Kabrit.

When you hear HaitiLuxe what does that mean to you?

First thing that pops in my head would be the treasures of Haiti !The name speaks for itself.



What’s next for Mr. Bermane Stiverne?

I am in camp right now getting ready to fight July 2015 very excited to go back in the ring and do what I do best.

Is there anything else you want to add?

Well I’m glad and happy to be a part of Haitiluxe, thank you for the love also thank you to my Haitian supporters. I’m all about being the Haitian representative everywhere I go. 10612605_10152742038881042_1491496427682346563_n We want to thank Mr. Stiverne for taking time out of his camp to answer our questions!We sincerely appreciate it! Mr. Bermane we wish you the best on your upcoming fight! Listen, if you need backup in the ring…WE GOT YOU!

Photo Source: Bermane Stivern Official Twitter/Official Instagram