We initially heard about the work of Beatrice and Chloe Vorbe (Owners of Just Cito Boutique) when we were discussing the Haitian Fashion Landscape with an acquaintance who highly suggested we become familiar with the work the sisters had been doing in Haiti.

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Of course, we did our research. We were able to find  breathtaking photos from the fashion show Just Cito Boutique hosted in 2013. The fashion show was professional, authentic and effortlessly elegant. Needless to say it earned a feature on HaitiLuxe.

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About a year later, Beatrice Vorbe and Just Cito Boutique became followers of HaitiLuxe and vice versa. You see, Just Cito Boutique is the go-to store for the Haitian fashionistas… A follow from them meant that we were doing something right. We also came to find out that their father was Cito Vorbe. We  knew  Cito growing up, and he  was  one of these beautiful and authentic souls that left us too soon, but whose positive energy continues to live through his daughters.

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Chloe Vorbe


For this Q&A we are talking with Beatrice. Beatrice Vorbe is the oldest of the sisters. She has lived in Haiti her whole life, and has  always been an “it” girl who has never been afraid to live life on her own terms. Beatrice is very active on Social Media where she shares the importance of self-love, positive energy and giving back. We hope you enjoy this Q&A as much as we did.

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Beatrice Vorbe


Q:Beatrice, can you tell us about Just Cito and the girl who shops at Just Cito boutique. A: Just Cito boutique is a feel good concept store catering to both men and women. We carry curated clothes, gifts, accessories, books, candles, sunnies, spiritual accessories, bags, games, jewelry, affirmation everything! The person that shops at Just Cito has a good sense of style, taste, and is usually an “it” person that loves the fact that the items are hand picked just for them.


Chloe Vorbe


Q: In 2013 you produced one of the most fabulous fashion shows we had ever seen in Haiti. Can you please tell us about that?

A: We’ve been doing yearly fashion shows since 2012, usually in December because it’s the glam and party season. Our fashion shows are a representation of the Just Cito girl. It displays  the local and international brands that the boutique carries as well as  international and local models. The fashion shows are a philanthropic effort to grow awareness and funds for the Hopital Benard Mevs.

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Q: Have you considered producing another fashion show, perhaps by featuring a line-up of Haitian designers? Do you carry items from Haitian Designers in your boutique? If so, can you tell us who they are, and why you chose to carry them?

A: We have been considering another fashion show, but with the country’s political instability it has been challenging to schedule . Last year we were forced to cancel and it doesn’t appear to be more favorable this year.We always include Haitian designers in our shows. In the past we have featured the Haitian brands and designers  we carry in our store: LOKODESIGN by Gregory Vorbe, PAULA COLES by Paula Coles, ATELIER CALLA by Christelle Paul, SIMBI by Lory Manuel Steed and Birgitt Coles, MEJEANNE COUTURE by Christelle Dominique, CHARLES CORVSKY DIEUJUSTE by Charles Dieujuste and STEPHCOLLECTION by Stephanie.

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Chloe Vorbe

Q: Beatrice, you have a strong social media presence. We noticed that you emphasize the importance of acceptance, self-care, and living life on one’s terms. Can you tell us what inspires you to post about these themes?


A: Yes,I love social media. When used appropriately it can be a very powerful tool to empower, inspire, bring laughter, joy, challenge thoughts, promote love, kindness, authenticity…. and also promote ones brand. My personal page is mainly about all of the above, I love adding value to peoples’ lives by making them laugh, making them recognize that everything is a choice, that they are powerful, that they need not to be fearful of the crowd, that love and giving is the answer to a fulfilling life. To live life to the fullest with passion and in their own terms no matter what…Mainly by exposing some truths that I,myself, have learned along the way, and that most people ignore.

Everything inspires me, even my own life story…I am in awe of this life…I have done a lot of personal research, I have read thousands of books and have taken many classes, seminars on life, purpose, positive psychology, metaphysics, the law of attraction, happiness, the search for meaning etc ….

I have always been curious about the human perception, beliefs, attitudes what drives them. I have been very very intrigued, always knowing though that we are governed by a higher power(something that we cannot see but that some of us can feel, like the wind… you know) and all of us have a beautiful divine plan set up for us if we are attuned to it.

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Cito Vorbe


The turning point for me came from my father’s tragic passing. He was one of the most genuine, kindhearted, young soul, humble, lively, humorous and fun person to be around that I have ever come across…He lived life on his own terms not caring about opinions, last names, bank accounts nor society’s hypocrisy, he touched peoples’ hearts with his kindness, positivity, love, good energy, good vibes, smile and humor.

I will add that this encompasses all races, colors and classes of people! After he died that was when I woke up and said my life story will be an amazing authentic one on my terms and I will choose to also be an amazing human being…and so I started applying all I learned from him, my researches and personal experiences.

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Beatrice Vorbe

Q: What are your top three places to dine in Haiti?


A: The top places to dine here in Haiti in my opinion and based on my taste…we are very limited but my favorites are PAPAYE, ANANAS and MAGDOOS…for now 🙂   Side note WE SO AGREE ON THAT ONE.

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Beatrice Vorbe


Q: You both look absolutely beautiful. Do you have any special beauty routines?

A: Thank you for the compliment; I am flattered. Well truly, I believe that a beautiful heart keeps you beautiful, and confidence mixed with a smile can add value to anyone’s look. 

As for routines, I’m a vitamin freak.  I take various anti-aging vitamins every morning. I have included moringa, coconut oil and biotin in my routine. I also drink a bottle of water on an empty stomach every morning.

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Beatrice Vorbe


I never ever sleep with makeup on, which I remove with anti-aging towelettes from CVS and I have been using SKII essence which I plash on my face morning and night. I never go out without SPF 50 and a little Botox helps 🙂

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Thank you to Beatrice for agreeing to do a Q&A with us. If you are in Haiti, stop by, and visit Just Cito boutique for the best fashion finds. We also recommend you heed her words a “beautiful heart keeps you beautiful.”

All photos courtesy of Beatrice Vorbe IG: @beatricevorbe

A special thank you to SaintMaiite for the inspiration and the collabo for this Q&A. You can follow her on IG @saintmaiite