We were recently re-introduced to Paula Coles through her  Instagram account. Paula Coles joins the rank of Haiti’s top designers. She is a leader leader in Haiti’s ethical fashion scene, and the epitome of craftsmanship.

Paula Coles, founded Paula | Coles, Haiti. as a mission to provide education and a promise of a brighter future for thousands of underprivileged children in Haiti while caring for our planet, using 100% of recycled fabric scraps from t-shirts manufacturing factories in Haiti. They have incorporated Haitian mystical icons, such as the snake, a revered creature symbolizing eternity, rejuvenation and the spirit of rebirth – the very spirit of Haiti. When you buy a Handbag from Paula Coles you are helping the environment while giving a child a chance to a better life.   Paula Coles items are available for purchase at Urban Zen online.