There is an unspoken expectation of Haitians (men or women), and it is that Haitians know how to cook. Now is that 100% true? nope…not at all!

Sharon Brun Official Instagram @Sharon_Brun

Needless to say that for some the Holidays can be a nightmare, especially if they want to impress their in-laws, future in-laws, or let’s just say it…. any Haitian at the party!

The other issue is that with Haitians you can’t just cook! The food has to have “Gout” or as they say in Creole, “FOK LI GOU.” Because the last thing you ever want to feel is the “manje an san gou” stare.

Have no fear, HaitiLuxe is here. Our goal is to ease your anxiety, and prevent possible fututre trauma with resources that will help you make an impression.

we strongly recommend you go on mangeonslakay and Guyense Girl Haitian Soul  asap and start practicing their recipes.