In 2016 we were introduced to the work of Phaidra Mc Quenn Sterlin. We felt her work told a story, there was a depth. It was an unexplicable feeling, her work spoke to our soul. We were aware that after making a ife for herself in the United States Phaidra made the decision to move back to Haiti. We were curious about that choice, and the reason behind her move gave us an immediate perspective into her work.” I’ve always wanted to go back to Haiti… be honest with you I  needed the healing. My rupture from Haiti ,leaving as a teenager, was brutal. It was almost burried within, I needed to go back home…I felt lost.” “For me, my art is about bridging the gap. it’s about connecting who I am as an African-American, and as Haitian bringing them together, undertstanding my own journey,understanding what makes me me, this is where my works come from.”

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