I would encourage you all to visit ELSAIEH GALLERY located in Pacot, it is a collector’s paradise! During my recent visit to Haiti, this was one of the things that I really wanted to do with my daughter, as it brings back wonderful memories from my childhood.
My mother, who is an avid art lover, used to take me there on Saturday mornings. I still remember at Issa’s sitting on the “gallerie” as we call the front porch in Haiti and listening to the adults talk about art. Of course back then, my priority was not about immersing myself into the kaleidoscope of vibrant colors, shapes or fantastical figurines that make up Haitian arts; but as every child that age my interest was to mainly go run in the yard to play with Issa’s grandchildren.  Not knowing yet that these excursions with my mom to the gallery and its arts would became part of my childhood and later shape my love for the Arts.
Although my daughter and I live in the United States, as many foreign parents, I definitely want her to have a great appreciation and love for her Haitian cultural heritage.  While in Haiti, to my great surprise, when we arrived at the gallery as soon as we walked in, she had the biggest smile on her face as she was looking at the paintings. Right than and there, I knew that this was the thing to do.
ELSAIEH GALLERY mainly carries Naïve Art, therefore, she was automatically attracted to the animals, drawn to the flowers and the colors. My daughter was both looking and enjoying paintings by Haitian renown Artists such as Andre Pierre, Levoy Exil, Sacha Tebo, amongst many others as well as sculptures by the talented Guyodo.
The owners, Sharona and Manno gave us the warmest welcome and invited us to tour and really enjoy the gallery. By the end of our visit I felf that my mission was accomplished, I was able to share one of my most treasured moment with my daughter and hopefully have began to instill in her my passion for Haitian arts.
What you should know about Gallerie Issa
·      Regardless your budget, you will find a great painting there. Their prices are affordable from the smallest budget to collector’s items.
·      It is kid friendly
·     More importantly, having an understanding that Art is a way for the artits and their families to survive; Compared to many other galleries they actually buy the paintings directly         from the artists. Therefore, they pay the artist instead of consignment, which enable the artists to have upfront payment rather than waiting for a sale to be paid.