On a ridiculously hot Tuesday afternoon I walked into a beauty salon in Petion-Ville to get beautified. I had just gotten of the plane and was looking a hot mess! So I am walking and who do I see smiling away? Valery Vilain. You may have seen Vilain’s flawless skin and impeccable smile all over social media, on the set of “Everything But a Man,“and most recently at the “Atizan Ayiti” event in Miami, where he was recognized for his “work and dedication for the haitian community in the fashion and art industry.”


There he sat, looking absolutely fabulous as I was looking as disheveled as can be. I tried to smile and act liked I wasn’t impressed, but I couldn’t take it any longer, I had to ask him about his overall fabulousness and how he managed to have such flawless skin in 90 degree, humid, weather?


I was gracious enough to share his tips with us. Here is what he recommended! Drink two liters of water each day.Eat at least one serving of fruit a day. He recommended papaya for the skin.Apply 30 SPF sunscreen. He warned us that most Haitian woman think that because they have a natural tan they can’t burn; however, the extra sun causes the skin to work harder to protect itself, which in turn causes oily  skin.Valery emphasized the importance of regular appointments with a dermatologist as culturally most Haitians only go see a doctor in case of emergency. He suggested two treatments a week and, if possible, one facial a month.


To add icing to the cake, he gave us a do it yourself treatment: Combine coffee, coconut oil and brown sugar, mix them together and leave on the skin for 15minutes! Boom! Fabuolousnesssss!!!!


We want to thank Valery Vilain for his time and for sharing his beauty tips with us. If you want more Valery Vilain, you can follow him on IG (@valeryvilain and if you are in Haiti,  be on the lookout for a seminar series with Love Your Body.

Photo Source: Valery Vilain Official IG