Babe Essentials is a line of beauty and wellness natural and organic products made in Haiti with the bossbabe in mind.  We have recently incorporated their products in our skin care regimen and ohhh it feels soooo good.

Babe Essentials face toners has helped us take our beauty routine up ten notches. In case you didn’t know…face toners help to eliminate the toxins and impurities our skin absorbs. Toners help to shrink our pores, and help restore our skin’s pH balance. They protect, moisturize, refresh the skin, and they can help to prevent ingrown hair.

The Long Hair don’t care is our absolute favorite!!!!! We have been using it for our eyebrows. Made with natural and local oils, Long Hair Don’t Care is a hair oil treatment that helps to accelerate hair growth .This mixture contains Avocado, Carrot, Olive, Castor, and Rosemary oil is the perfect combination to getting fuller and thicker hair. The smell can be a bit off putting so we don’t recommend putting it on before a hot date.

This powerful green clay  is life!! Like LIFE!!! It draws out toxins and impurities from our pores, to heal skin and reduces inflammation leaving your skin #FLAWLESS
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