Alchemista is an exclusive line of premium CBD wellness products that has caught our heart. The reality is that anxiety often takes over our lives ,and sometimes we need help taking it down a notch. That is exactly what Alchemista does. It takes us down a notch and gives us that calm and relaxed feeling.Like most products each person will react differently. The good news is that it is very unlikely that you will be going to the fridge to find that pan of brownies.


We keep the salve on our desk so that whenever we feel stress coming we rub a small amount on our shoulders. The smell alone relaxes us. The gummies taste way better and are more potent than many of the brands out there, yes we have been experimenting! We have also made it a point to start our mornings with the vitamin-enriched Tincture.If you have no idea where to start Alchemista has a sample product line that will give you the opportunity to try some of our favorite products. Don’t forget to use our discount code HL10OFF