Le Perroquet was destroyed in a fire a couple of years ago, however, we could not bring ourselves to take down this post.

 Le Perroquet, formerly known as El Cubano has gone through major renovations and it has become an elegant retreat right in the middle of the city; the décor is intimate and it offers a vibrant tropical atmosphere with exotic cocktails; local entertainment and a good cuisine.

In a nutshell here are the six reasons why we absolutely love Le Perroquet in Haiti.

6)It’s a “hooker free” bed in breakfast the middle of Petion Ville where you can get a room for $65.

5) Where in Haiti can you find Cherry Mimosas and Smoked Salmon cream cheese bagels? We’re waiting…when you figure it out send us a email, but we know a place, Let Perroquet!

4) Their version of the tropical Mimosa (notice a trend yet?)

3) They actually host tea parties! Hats and all…

2) The authentic Haitian Entertainment. If you like roots, you should check their entertainment schedule as they often host local up and coming bands.

1) And the most important reason of all: the owners. Lana and Eric are the best, most laid back host you will ever meet.

Le Perroquet was located at 29 Rue Lamarre, Petionville, Haiti